Vintage Silver Monocle
Vintage Silver Monocle
Vintage Silver Monocle
Vintage Silver Monocle Close Up

Vintage Silver Monocle

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Our monocles are plane for fashion or powered for seeing close in perfect clarity.

Simply hang around your neck, tuck it away, it's ready to use for reading menus, mobiles, price labels and all manner of close activities while out and about.

Pack Contains

  • x1 vintage silver monocle
  • x1 black neck cord
  • x1 signature branded Monocle Madness™ tin

    Dimensions: 37mm diameter

    Features: The rim has a gallery on the back of the reading monocle for an extra comfortable fit when held in place.

    Materials: Stainless steel construction, lightweight polycarbonate lens.

    Lens options: Fashion (Non Powered), +1.00D, +1.50D, +2.00D, +2.50, and custom made to your prescription.

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